Alan Wakeman

Discography (ctd.)

Mike Westbrook Band                                   

   Off Abbey Road, 1989

Mike Westbrook Orchestra

   Bar Utopia, 1996

Mike Westbrook Brass Band

   The Complete Westbrook Blake, 1997

Mike Westbrook

   The Orchestra of Smith's Academy, 1998

John Williams

   The Baritone Band, 2000

Don Rendell (ft. Alan Wakeman

 & Pete Saberton)

   Touch Links of Gold, 2004               

Elastic Jazz

   Sketches of Britain, 2005


   Introducing Interplay, 2010


   Global, 2013

Canary Wharf Jazz Festival, August 2009 

Photo: Chris Topley

Richard Baker Quintet

   Lunology , 2015  (follow the link for the RB Quintet website)

Harry Beckett, Still Happy, My Only Desire Records, 2016

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A double CD of the show was recorded and released in 2015. To purchase it, please visit:

Westbrook Records

The album is also available on Amazon at:

Harry Miller, Different Times, Different Places (vol. two)

Ogun Recordings Limited, 2016

Click  HERE to buy on Amazon

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